Posted on Feb 8, 2013

music_sm1Music is a divine vehicle that can take us to a higher state. But not any music – music itself must be in tune with Spirit, in other words to emit divine vibrations.

Indian classical music, which is based on the primal sound OM, emits such vibrations, and also many of the works written by the great Western classical music composers. Many of the titans who are considered geniuses in music were born realized souls (Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, to cite a few).

How can we know which music is “in tune with the Divine” and which one isn’t ? After Self Realization, you can hold your palms out towards the music you are listening to, or even towards the CD or tape, and if you feel vibrations (coolness), then that music is in tune with your Spirit and with the Divine. If you feel heat or tingling, then it is lacking in those qualities (of course, there can be many shades in between, but once your Self Realization is established, your hands will tell you).

Nevertheless, music doesn’t have to be classical to have that divine coefficient. Some of the modern composers of pop and even rock music are born realized (though only a few, compared to their vast majority). There are many Sahaja Yogis (people who practice Sahaja Yoga meditation on a regular basis) who have discovered a new dimension of their talent in music, as well as renowned artists who have achieved great heights through their Self Realization.

The IPO, an international music group of professional Sahaja Yogi musicians from around the world dedicated to music that is enlightening and nourishing for the Spirit, is on its way to releasing the third album.

The Shri P. K. Salve Kala Pratishthan is a unique place in India where music and enlightenment combine to produce harmonies that uplift the spirit.